Creative Problem Solving Institute Conference 2011

The Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) is the HOW TO Create, Innovate & Lead Change conference.

At most conferences, people sit and listen while presenters share stories and theory. CPSI is so much more.

CPSI is about exploring Creativity, Innovation and Change Leadership in a way that allows you to jump in, learn by doing and interact with leading experts. At CPSI you choose your learning path and experience tools, techniques and ideas you can apply immediately.

Join us June 20-24, 2011
Sheraton Atlanta Hotel

For more information on speakers, program descriptions, visit or call 508-960-0000.


This was an in-house project promoting our upcoming training programs.

Foundations of Applied Imagination
This program focuses on the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Process, the research-based gold standard of creativity methods. It is a proven method for approaching a problem or a challenge in an imaginative and innovative way. It’s a tool that helps people re-define the problems, come up with breakthrough ideas, and then put those ideas into action. Alex Osborn and Sidney Parnes conducted extensive research on the steps that are involved when people solve problems, the result of which is the 6 step process.

Chicago, IL - September 13-14, 2011
Amherst, MA - October 25-26, 2011

The FourSight assessment helps people build effective teams and supports innovation by providing insight into individual Creative Problem Solving styles and how those styles interact. Individuals will discover their own preference as a Clarifier, Ideator, Developer, or Implementer, and learn how this affects their energy, enjoyment, and productivity throughout the CPS process. 

Evanston, IL - September 15-16, 2011

**Save $100 on Foundations of Applied Imagination Chicago and FourSight when you sign up for both.

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Do what you love and the rest will come.

- Dennis Crowley


You Can’t Keep Your Secrets From Twitter!

When you tweet—even if you tweet under a pseudonym—how much do you reveal about yourself? More than you realize, argues a new paper from researchers at the Mitre Corporation. “

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Cool Inventions of 2011.



I could have invented the 1st one

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It’s about doing things that you haven’t done before, where you’re still kind of a beginner, and not resting on your laurels.

- Caterina Fake

Startup Quote x Women 2.0 edition

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I need to watch this every morning.

I think my creativity and productiveness will both get wayyy better.


9 Lessons from a Design Entrepreneur

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this would solve so many problems….why did i not think of this at work!

Now THAT’S what I like to call creative problem solving!

I have three muscles, without which I couldn’t do my work. The first is curiosity. (You can call it inquisitiveness, you can call it questioning.) The second muscle [is] the muscle of appreciation. It’s not questioning so much as it is noticing… how joyful things can be, how colorful things can be, what already exists as an inspiration. The muscle of curiosity and the muscle of appreciation enable the muscle of imagination.